2021-2022 Safety Pre-cautions

Dear Parents of Valeo Students,

Our entire team is continually praying for you and your children. And we cannot wait to welcome our Valeo students back to our school campus for another successful year, this fall semester!

I am reaching out to assure you of our readiness and commitment to the highest health standards and well-being of our students and staff this year—spirit, soul, and body.

And I want you to know, in the spirit of what God has been speaking to our church, I am committing this School Year to an education that is rich in the beauty and simplicity of Jesus. God intended children (and adults) to learn in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, where laughter and love for learning is treasured and enjoyed.

Valeo Academy Re-Opening
Along with faith and wisdom, we will re-open Valeo Academy with the highest, most rigorous and reasonable safety protocols. We are basing our guidelines primarily on the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).

Valeo Academy plans to have daily in-person learning Monday through Friday with school starting on Thursday, August 20, 2020. Plans are subject to change based on the fluidity of the pandemic and best health practices. We are confident that Valeo will be able to safely accommodate daily in-person learning and will not need an alternating day schedule, due to the way we have intentionally designed classroom sizes.

Health Checks
Upon arrival each day, all students, parents, guardians, and staff members will be required to pre-certify verbally that they are free from COVID-19 symptoms. Additionally, temperature screening will be performed daily for everyone entering the building.

Face Masks
Valeo will NOT require students to wear masks in their respective classrooms. However, upon entering the school and when using the common areas and hallways, students will be required to wear a mask. We believe the face covering decision should be decided by the parent, not the school. If desired, parents can request that their children wear masks the entire day.

All students, parents, guardians, and staff members will be required to wear a mask upon entering the building and throughout the hallways. However, once students are in their classrooms, they will be allowed to remove their masks to allow for academic success and enjoyment of Valeo Academy’s rich curriculum.

Social Distancing
All of our classrooms will abide by the "50 or less" gathering restriction, as we have designed a Valeo education around a smaller student to teacher ratio. Classrooms have been rearranged to accommodate a safe social distance of six feet between all individuals. New schedules have been created to minimize the amount of our students’ use of hallways, bathrooms, and lunch areas. As weather permits, physical education classes, lunch, and recess will be outside as often as possible, and social distancing (six feet between all individuals) will be required.

Daily Lunch Schedules Adjusted
The daily lunch schedule will be modified to allow for the "50 or less" gathering restriction by scheduling smaller lunch groups at alternating lunch periods. Seating will be marked ahead of time to ensure safe social distancing at all times. Our new first floor cafeteria eliminates the need for K4–6th grades to travel upstairs, thus minimizing their interaction with students on the second floor. Students will maintain hand-washing before and after lunch, as well as continue to maintain safe social distancing.

Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing
Our facilities team will deep clean and sanitize before and after school, as well as several times daily, being sure that all surfaces, especially in our bathrooms and high traffic areas, are wiped down continually. Classroom doors and bathroom doors will remain open, but will also be cleaned regularly. Drinking fountains will be closed. Continual hand-washing will be practiced throughout the day. Hand sanitizer will be available in hallways and classrooms as well.

Our Commitment
Although our faculty and staff remain prepared for the highest quality remote learning, it is the goal of Valeo Academy to bring students together for traditional in-person learning. We will continue to follow the guidelines stated and will monitor daily, with any updates as they occur. We will communicate any changes as promptly as possible. As the rate of infection and response to the COVID-19 conditions change, we may be required to change the above-stated schedule with limited notice.

We Are Here For You
If you are concerned with the above safety precautions, in regards to the well being of your child’s academic environment, please feel free to contact our admin staff. We want you to feel comfortable about the safety and surroundings that your child will be experiencing.

In the meantime, our team continues to pray for you and your family's health and well-being.

May God continue to protect you and bless you as you enjoy the rest of the summer!

Standing with you and our beautiful students,

Mrs. Grace Dickow
Valeo Academy, Principal

P.S. Our Extended Care Program is being offered daily until 5:30 PM, and will specifically be structured to maintain and follow all the above-stated policies and procedures.