In addition to the foundations established through daily classroom study of the Bible as the primary reader, Valeo Academy students are taught in several primary disciplines using The Noah Plan® curriculum.

The Noah Plan® Curriculum

The result of decades of research, and having been proven for over 30 years worldwide, The Noah Plan replicates the educational approach that produced the greatest thinkers and leaders in history.  Supplementing The Noah Plan with primary source documents and resources gives Valeo students the advantage of a Biblical worldview and strong academics that will produce the thinkers, leaders, and influencers of tomorrow.


• Half and full day options
• Extended care included in full day enrollment
• Focus on character development
• Fun and interactive learning
• Art, physical education, and music
• Christ-centered education
• K4-12th grade School on campus
• Affordable Tuition

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*Students enrolling in the Full Time program will be given priority placement.  
All students must be 4 years old on or before October 1st for the academic year in which they are enrolling. 
They must be fully toilet trained to be enrolled in the K4 program.


Primary school, grades K-2:
Readers are Leaders!

Primary school is the time to plant and cultivate the seeds of academics and character as students begin to develop a lifetime love of learning. Valeo Academy primary students learn to build and strengthen the most important skills at this level — reading and writing — and they are introduced to God’s principles through a vast array of subjects. Hands-on activities, lively games and field trips round out a program in which children are loved, taught, encouraged – and have fun!

Elementary, grades 3-6:
Building Strong Communicators

In the elementary school, learning is truly an adventure and nothing is impossible. Building on the skills learned in primary school, the elementary grades at Valeo Academy are a time of inquiry, exploration, discovery, and character development. Elementary students focus on reading, writing, and speaking with greater comprehension, confidence and clarity, Valeo students become the strong communicators of tomorrow.

Middle School

Junior Preparatory School,
grades 7-8:
Developing Scholars

As students grow and mature into their early teenage years, character, responsibility, and diligence are emphasized. Students have the opportunity to strengthen their self-government as they become masters over their thoughts, words, and actions. Other Principles such as Christian Character and Stewardship are emphasized as they demonstrate Biblical reasoning across all subject areas.

High School

Senior Preparatory School:
Discovering Destinies

High school allows students to reap the harvest of all they have learned throughout their elementary and middle school years. Course requirements over the four years meet the highest standards of the most selective colleges and universities in the nation. Students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their reasoning and communication skills through weekly compositions, research papers, projects, and dramatic presentations. Valeo Senior Preparatory High School students are prepared for college and life and encouraged to press on toward the high calling of God for their futures. 2008 marked Valeo Academy’s first high school graduating class. From that year on, colleges and universities have recognized the high standards of Valeo Academy’s Senior Preparatory program. Many Valeo Academy graduates, who apply to college, are awarded an academic scholarship from the college of their choice!


School Uniforms

Our uniform supplier is Metro School Uniforms.
Uniforms may be purchased online at Metro School Uniforms.

SPIRIT WEAR and Gym Uniforms

For your convenience, Valeo has an  online store  where you can purchase both your Valeo Wear and school gym uniforms (necessary for all 3rd through 12th grade students.) Valeo Wear is worn on our Valeo Wear Days, where students can show their school spirit.

Supply List

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