Primary school, grades K-2: Readers are Leaders!

Primary school is the time to plant and cultivate the seeds of academics and character as students begin to develop a lifetime love of learning. Valeo Academy primary students learn to build and strengthen the most important skills at this level -- reading and writing -- and they are introduced to God's principles through a vast array of subjects. Hands-on activities, lively games and field trips round out a program in which children are loved, taught, encouraged - and have fun!

Elementary, grades 3-6: Building Strong Communicators

In the elementary grades, learning is truly an adventure and nothing is impossible. Building on the skills learned in primary school, the elementary grades at Valeo Academy are a time of inquiry, exploration, discovery, and character development. With a focus on reading, writing and speaking with greater comprehension, confidence and clarity, Valeo students become the strong communicators of tomorrow.