Fine Arts

Every breakthrough that has ever been discovered was in the heart and mind of God first. The study of the arts gives us understanding of life, creation, and the order of things in this world that God has set up. To further understand that order, Valeo students participate in several musical and drama productions throughout the year including our Seeds of Liberty Production, Individuality of Nations, a Spring Music Program, the Art Festival, and our annual Shakespeare Production. 

The Shakespeare Festival features the talent and creativity that emerges from a well-rounded and principle approach to education. Each class presents dramatic scenes from the best of William Shakespeare’s classic works.  This program is the culmination of two months of work and has become one of Valeo Academy’s signature events, drawing audiences from the surrounding communities.

Valeo Academy’s performances are a celebration for everyone to come enjoy. It not only showcases our students’ hard work and dedication, but also is our way of reclaiming theatre and the arts for the glory of God!