To ensure that your child receives the individual attention he/she needs to excel, Valeo Academy tries to keep its class sizes to no more than 20 students. In the event that our class size exceeds 20 students a teacher's assistant will be assigned to the class.
As a parent of a Valeo student, you are investing in not only an exceptional classical education for your student, but also the development of their character. You are making an investment into the discipleship of your child, and training him or her in responsibility and diligence. You are guarding against the lack of true identity that beset so many of our young ones. While we wouldn't hesitate paying more than $400 or $500/month for the car we desire, we may hesitate on paying that for our child's education and future. Many parents accept this logic where college is concerned, but college is too late to shape your child's character and capacity for learning. The primary and elementary years are the best times for planting the seeds of academics and character that will shape your child's future. We believe that investing in these critical years for your child will pay off for them and you in the years to come!
Valeo Academy does offer a financial scholarship program for all enrolling families. There is an application process involved and tuition assistance will be determined based on financial need.For more information, please call our office at 847-645-9300.
Valeo Academy encourages all of our families to get involved in the education of their children. We are committed to you and our common goal to seeing your child develop all the gifts and talents God has placed in him/her. We have several different areas in which you can get involved: assisting teachers in the classroom, lunch room and study hall monitoring, event planning, assisting in the office, and even substitute teaching. For more information, please contact our office at 847-645-9300.
Valeo Academy Extended Care is provided on school days from 3:00pm - 6:00pm. Fees for the 2022-2023 school year are $14/day or $185/month. Children participating in Valeo Extended Care enjoy such activities as our Power Hour (after school assistance with homework), games involving teamwork, snacks, videos, music, recess in our gymnasium, and more! There is no formal Before School Care, but students can be dropped off in the Valeo lobby as early as 7:45am daily.
Our uniform supplier is Dennis Uniform. Uniforms may be purchased in one of three ways: 1. Visit the Dennis Uniform store at: 7055 West Higgins Avenue, Chicago, IL 60656 2. Call Dennis Uniform at 708-669-7944 3. Order online at (the code for Valeo Academy is GVAGV)
We are unable to provide bus service, mainly due to many of our families coming from so many different locations and distances. However, almost all of our families wishing to communicate with other Valeo families - for things ranging from setting up carpools to arranging private birthday parties - have opted to be a part of our Valeo Family Contacts. Our Valeo Academy family is committed to helping each other always. If you would like to be a part of our Valeo Family Contacts, please call our office at 847-645-9300.
While we are happy to enroll previously home-schooled students at Valeo Academy, at this time we are not able to offer individual (a-la-carte) classes for families who wish to continue to home-school their children.
If you have made an appointment with your child's doctor, you may submit proof that you have scheduled your child to receive his/her immunizations. Once this has been completed, please mail or fax a copy of the record to the Valeo Academy Admissions Office.
Although the Illinois Department of Public Health requires public and private schools to present proof that all enrolled students have received immunizations, it does allow for religious and medical exemptions.
An “Illinois Certificate of Religious Exemption Form” can be downloaded at This form must be signed and submitted to Valeo Academy in lieu of immunization records.
For more information, please call our office at 847-645-9300.
If your child needs a little extra help in a certain subject, you may request that the teacher give additional assistance for up to 15 minutes after class. The fee for any additional assistance beyond 15 minutes will be $10 per 1/2 hour. Multiple requests at a time will be honored by appointments only.
Students at Valeo Academy have various opportunities to participate in the following extra-curricular activities: Student Council Yearbook Committee Internship Opportunities Dramatic Productions Piano Lessons Voice Lessons Sports (7th-12th)
Given the variety of activities and instruction throughout the 4 quarters, we ask that all visits by parents to a child's classroom be arranged with our administrative office.
In addition to a college degree, all faculty at Valeo Academy are required to receive ongoing training in The Principle Approach methodology according to the philosophy of education we have set forth. Teachers at Valeo Academy also undergo continuing education classes and seminars to further develop their skills.
For information on our policies, please consult our Valeo Academy Family Handbook on our website.
Homework is typically not given on church service days; however, on rare occasions, there may be times when homework is required.
Membership with Life Changers International Church is attained through successful completion of the Life Changers Next Steps Class, regular church attendance, and serving. For more information on becoming a member of Life Changers International Church, please visit or call 847-645-9100.
The rigorous academic program at Valeo Academy is both challenging and comprehensive, and it may not accommodate a child with a learning disability and/or an IEP. We will conduct an academic evaluation of each student and review the most current IEP report. Enrollment eligibility will be determined after this review is completed.
Our students attend powerful weekly chapels led by various Godly leaders who are successful in ministry, career, or business. These men and women share testimonies and impart biblical truth to our students.