Why Choose Valeo?

The Valeo Difference

Valeo Academy is not an ordinary private school. While providing a quality education based on Biblical principles vital to the future endeavors of children, our vision at Valeo Academy goes one step further. It is our mission to provide an education that emphasizes the Word of God, His Story (History), His Ways, His Wisdom and His Insight as the foundation of every subject in our curriculum. Furthermore, we endeavor to be a model of Christian education and character development that is designed to raise up a generation of children that will help shape the future – a generation of children committed to God, family, and the evangelization of the world! 

How does Valeo Academy compare with other schools?

The Principle Approach at Valeo Modern Christian Education Public Education
The home, parents, family
The Church
Civil government (Federal, State, Local)
• Historic American Christian educational philosophy (pre-Dewey)

• Biblical Principals

• Individual conscience

• Republican purpose, the character of Christ
• Fundamental reaction to Dewey and progressive philosophies

• Evangelical focus
• Horace Mann, John Dewey

• Socialistic principles
• Internal inspiration of the mind and heart

•Student accountability for his own learning

• Reflective thinking and reasoning. The Notebook Approach & daily writing

• Rich vocabulary of liberty

• Tutorial method applied through principles of individuality, Christian character, self-government, and conscience

• Teacher is “lively” textbook – subject comes alive!
• External control

• Discipline

• Content memorization and rote learning
• External stimulation

• Behavioral modification

• Free expression

• Discovery learning

• Reduced curriculum with lowered expectations and vocabulary
• Mastery of principles and leading ideas of subjects to form a unity of truth

• Teachers research/design their courses

• American Christian history and government

• Subjects valued and taught individually; their contributions to the Gospel identified

• Classical literature, languages and fine arts

• High standard: Christ is the standard

• God and His wondrous works glorified!
• Familiarity with subject content for testing purposes

• Worldview of textbook writer

• Secular curriculum “Christianized” with scripture
• Familiarity with subject content

• Memorizing/parroting facts

• Multiculturalism

Social studies, language arts

• God removed, man and his achievements glorified

• Lowered expectations
• “Furnishing each individual such aid as education can give to reach the fullest expression of his value in Christ.”

• Biblical Christian worldview

• Christian scholarship and character for leadership/servanthood
•Christianization of student

• Protection from public school influences

• Literacy
• Socialization of student

• Functional literacy

• Democratic leveling